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From the Principal

Great start to the spring term!

Thank you to everyone that attended our parent’s meeting on Wednesday! We appreciate that so many of our families were able to be here, and it is a great opportunity for us to discuss important issues. We have had a great start after the break, and both students and staff are looking forward to another successful term at IESÖ.

Here are some important dates to remember this spring:

  • February 7: PTA meeting
  • February 15: Winter Sports Day
  • February 16: Kindness and Valentine's Day celebration
  • Week 8: Sportlov
  • March 14: Study Day
  • Week 12: Easter Break
  • April 18: PTA meeting
  • April 20: Induction / Entry day workshop for new students
  • April 30 - May 1: Public holiday - no school
  • May 10-11: Public holiday - no school
  • June 6: Public holiday - no school
  • June 15th: Graduation
From the Principal

November update

Hello IESÖ families!

As we continue into the autumn term and have many activities and events occurring at school, I would like to give you an update of what’s going at IESÖ.

This week it was really nice to meet with the IESÖ PTA to discuss their plans for the future and the special topics they would like to discuss in the meetings later this year. The next meeting will take place on February 7th, and parents have asked that we invite a representative from the construction project in Österport to give information and explain how it might affect the school. I hope that you can join us then!

Last week we had oral national tests in years 6 and 9. I have heard from the teachers that they were very pleased with how the students performed! Students in years 4 and 5 attended the skolbio at Roxy and had Student Choice activities, while the students in years 7 and 8 raised money for Barnkliniken in Örebro. It was great to see students working together for such an important cause.

We are looking forward to the next month with many activities and special days leading up to the end of term. Please remember to check the school’s Facebook page to see photos and news of what’s happening at school.

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend!

From the Principal

Nobel Day, Lucia, and Science Fair

Nobel Day, Lucia, and Science Fair

It is hard to believe that the Autumn term is soon ending. We have had a very busy week at IESÖ beginning last Friday with our Nobel Day celebration and julbord. It was fun to see many students and staff dressed for the occasion, and Student Council did an excellent job to host the lunch and handout ‘Nobel Prizes’ to students in each year level for positive actions they have performed this school year.

On Wednesday, we had two Lucia performances by our year 4 students. It was a very full dining room, and the students did an excellent job to perform in front of so many people. I know that the students, music teachers, and Junior School staff put in a lot of hard work for the show, and it was great that many families were able to attend! We also had a group of year 7 and 8 students that planned and presented their own performance at Barnkliniken, USÖ. I am happy to see the work of these students continue after their fundraiser for Barnkliniken in November.

Today, we had our annual Science Fair, and it was amazing to see all the learning that has taken place and the ideas from our students. I know many students have been putting a lot of time and effort into their projects, and the Science Department, student cafeteria staff and many other school personnel have been staying into the evening to help students research and work on their projects.

The last week of this term will also have many special moments with Student Choice activities, a Mentor Day, and our end of term ceremony. Please remember to check our Facebook page to see updates and photos from the various activities.

From the Principal

Hösten är här och det är mycket som är på gång

Hösten har kommit med stormsteg och den långa sommaren verkar få ett abrupt slut.

På skolan har vi nyss firat 10 år i Örebro samtidigt som vi invigt den nya delen som kommit till under sommaren. Årskurs fyra och fem har flyttat in på vår Junior School och vi har fått fler barn i huset. Det är en helt ny erfarenhet för oss att undervisa de yngre årskurserna och vi lär oss hela tiden nya saker.

Den 13:e november har vi öppet hus då vi välkomnar alla familjer som står i kö till skolan till att besöka oss och få insyn i vår verksamhet.

Det är, som alltid, mycket på gång och jag vill särskilt poängtera följande:

Vi arbetar nu ännu mer med IKT i vår undervisning och har lyckats säkerställa att eleverna i årskurs sju även detta år har en iPad var. Det finns nu ca 250 elever i skolan med en personlig iPad och lärarna utvecklas hela tiden med arbetet att vända sin undervisning, så kallat "flipped classroom". Flera spelar in föreläsningar via Educreations och publicerar dem till eleverna så att de kan förbereda sig bättre för lektionerna. Vi vill på detta sätt göra undervisningen mer effektiv och frigöra lärartid till individuella elever under lektionerna.

Ha en skön höst och välkomna den 13:e november.

From the Principal

The sports break is over...

...and the eight graders are on PRAO. It makes the hallways feel a bit empty, but it is also a chance to have some more time for the other students.

On Monday, we got a new student, and when she went home, I asked her how the day was and if she had had a good first day of school at IES. She said, "It has been great, the school is so nice and the food was much better than in my last school".

I wanted to ask about the lessons or the teaching but I didn't. I realized that when you are 12 years old you have other priorities.

With best wishes for a rapidly approaching spring

Johan Rapp

From the Principal

Over 800 hundred guests at open house


Last Thursday we had an open evening at our school. The response was incredible with over 800 hundred guests squeezed around classrooms, labs and presentations whilst sampling home baked cakes and buns! We are so happy with the overwhelmingly positive response to our plans to welcome students in years 4 & 5, Autumn 2013. Our staff and student ambassadors were busy all evening answering questions and showing our guests around the building. 

Soon we'll be lighting the first advent candles. Christmas is coming! Have a great week!


From the Principal

Good news: We are opening a junior school

Autumn is nearly over, the leaves are falling and I realise that people are already buying Christmas presents.
Where does the time go?

At IES Örebro we have just finished development talks and are now preparing for our open house evening, Thursday 22nd of November. 
We have recently been granted permission to start a junior school and look forward towards welcoming students in years 4, 5 & 6 next academic year. That students will have six instead of four years at IES Örebro is going to give us more opportunities to ensure all our students reach their potential. 

We look very much forward to meeting these younger children in the corridors and playground. 

From the Principal



A new academic year with new possibilities is upon us! The holidays are over and the classrooms are full of students.

Alongside Mr Rutqvist, our Assistant Principal, I have visited every class and marveled at the changes that take place in the four years our students are with us. They come to us a children and leave as young adults. 

Today, I was eating lunch with one of our new teachers when a student came over and announced: "You know Mr Rapp, I LOVE our school food!"

I thought to myself, you know what - so do I!


From the Principal

New Year, New Challenges

The spring term has just begun and it's time for our students in Year Nine to choose which programs they will study in upper secondary school. It is not an easy choice and I do not envy them. When I was young there were twelve different programs to choose from and now there are a seemingly endless number with individual choices within them. A tough mission for a fifteen year old it would seem. Well, it only shows how important education is.

At Internationella Engelska Skolan we share that opinion and we want all our students to succeed.

Success, in this context, is the opportunity to choose the right school and program, which increases your chances of success in further education and future employment.

The key to that choice is the final grade. We want all students to reach their potential, not because we want to interfere with their choice of career but that we want it to be just that, a choice.