Welcome to IESÖ Library!

The “Library is the heart of school”, said one of our students once. If students come up with that phrase themselves, it means that they are really enjoying the great resources that are offered in our library.

With over 8000 books and other information material our library is providing digital and printed support to over 600 students on daily basis. Our library is open 7 hours per day, five days a week and our experienced librarian is present and ready to help the patrons at all time. Our Library is well equipped with public computers, music, audio books, magazines, newspapers, maps and of course books and encyclopedias. IT facilities and projector are supporting different lessons and programs in the library. Our library is spacious enough to have space to hold a whole class, with reading areas, three group rooms as well as a lounge for experiencing a quiet and peaceful environment where everybody can learn and satisfy their thirst for reading and exploring life. A digital cataloguing system, online searchable catalogue, Catalogue search stationary in the library, and our very own library website make your experience to find a book that you like easier and more exciting. Several programs to promote reading, searching information and evaluating resources are held during the school year to make students prepared for an academic approach toward different subjects. Our goal is to improve the reading desire among students and to develop the level of knowledge and critical thinking in our students. 

Feel free to come to our library and explore a world of wonders… .