After School Clubs

Skol IF

Skol IF offers students who engage in sports to get extra training outside of school hours. We participate in the district championships and in the internal IES-tournaments. We also try to challenge other schools in Örebro if they have teams in each sport.

Students engaged in individual sports may also represent our school. For example, we have had athletes who represented IES Örebro in Swedish school championships.

The main part of the training is done in our own gym and Mondi arena a few hundred meters from the school.



Coaches: Mr. Jaranovic and Mr. Åkerstedt


Coach: Mr. Szwarcwald

Individual sports

Coach: Mrs. Olsson 

Friday afternoon movie club

Almost every Friday afternoon, after classes, Mr. Åkerstedt shows a movie in the student cafeteria. A great way to start the weekend.