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Tomorrow we will welcome all students who have been accepted to start next year in Year 6 and for the first time ever, Years 4 & 5!

We are also very happy to announce that Ms Finsberg has accepted the position of Junior School Coordinator at IESÖ! Ms Finsberg has been working at IESÖ since 2008 and has been a Head of Year for the last two years. Congratulations and good luck in your new role at IESÖ!

It still feels a little odd to be talking about 4A or 5B but tomorrow, we will meet the students that will be sitting in our new Junior School building, August 2013! And next year we will be welcoming more students than ever with international backgrounds! Year 6 students should meet at the front entrance at 9.30 and Years 4 & 5 at 10.00am.

We look forward to meeting you!

Dance every Friday

Dance every Friday

A group of IESÖ students have started a wonderful initiative on Friday afternoons in the gymhall: their own dance classes! At present they are busy rehearsing choreography for an end term show. All year groups and abilities are welcome to get involved so if you're interested, pop by and join them!

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The Junior School extension

The Junior School extension

Interested in seeing how our school building will look when the Junior School extension is completed?

The new extension is designed to provide a creative space for younger learners. All classrooms will be fitted withwater, wifi, and storage for books and personal belongings. There will be two common room areas and students will have easy access to the playground and dining room.

On April 13th, we'll be having an Open Day for those Junior School students starting at IESÖ this Autumn. Our first ever Year 4 & 5 students!