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Skolinspektionen gives top grade to Internationella Engelska Skolan

"Skolorna inom Internationella Engelska Skolan i Sverige AB har goda kunskapsresultat och ansvariga driver ett bra kvalitetsarbete. Koncernen har därmed en god grund för fortsatt utveckling av utbildningen i sina skolor."

This is the main conclusion from Skolinspektionen in its press release after having inspected 12 IES schools as well as the organisation as a whole. "Bra utgångsläge för Internationella Engelska Skolan" is the headline from Skolinspektionen. 

The overall assessment, "Helhetsbedömning", is very positive in the decision made public on October 17th, 2014. Skolinspektionen notes that the academic results of IES are above average for schools in Sweden. Skolinspektionen applauds the way we work with quality. "Huvudmannen har ett mycket verksamhetsnära perspektiv och formulerar tydliga mål för uppföljningen av skolornas resultat…. Förbättringsåtgärder genomförs utifrån analyser av resultat, problem, risker och förutsättningar."

Skolinspektionen also acknowledges that IES is a very stable organisation.

"Huvudmannen har kunnat redovisa att det finns ekonomiska förutsättningar att bedriva skolverksamhet av god kvalitet och att skolenheterna har en stabil elevprognos."

Skolinspektionen has only one point for IES to follow up on. It claims that we by having a common IES "basic code of conduct" tend to reduce the influence over “ordningsregler” from students and principals. We are to answer back to Skolinspektionen by January 7th on this issue. 

We must have the right as a school organization to declare what we stand for, comments Mrs Barbara Bergstrom, the Founder of IES. -That every IES school provides students and teachers with a calm and orderly environment is a promise to parents that we have an obligation to meet. The guidelines given are such that everybody should recognize them as necessary conditions for a well functioning school.

Below is the "common core" when it comes to conduct in IES schools: 

At Internationella Engelska Skolan we see school as a workplace, where we all shall act to create best possible conditions for teaching and learning.


  1. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves – with respect and support.
  2. We keep our school clean, safe and calm.
  3. We arrive in time for school and all school activities.
  4. We walk indoors.
  5. We keep all electronic devices which disturb education in our lockers during working hours.
  6. We dress appropriately for work.
  7. We are not allowed to bring drugs, weapons or other illegal items to school.
  8. We eat in the dining hall or in the cafeteria.
  9. We contribute to a calm and inviting atmosphere in the lunch room.
  10. We act with honesty and integrity at all times and do not cheat.

To strive for every day in education


  • Punctual
  • Prepared
  • Positive
  • Active
  • Cooperative

Do your best!

Welcome to open house 19/11

Welcome to open house 19/11

Come and meet staff and students at IES Örebro and see what all the fuss is about. Doors open at 18.00!

New phone numbers

IES Örebro Telephone List (2014-03-10)  
Växel 019-7652240
Secretary 019-7652247
Principal 019-7652241
Assistan Principal 019-7652243
Ac Manager 019-7652253
Economist 019-7652242
Vaktmästare 019-7652244
Skolsköterska (Christina Rudström) 019-7652245
Skolsköterska (Britt-Marie Ekegren) 019-7652248
Counsellor 019-7652246
Special Ed (Karina Wesslén) 019-7652250
Special Ed (Robin Pihlblad) 019-7652251
Social Pedagogue 019-7652273
Syv 019-7652252
Library 019-7652249
Sub Coordinator 019-7652261
IT 019-7652270
Departments/Teaching room  
Aesthetics 019-7652260
Woodwork 019-7652272
English 019-7652259
Math 019-7652254
Science 019-7652276
No-lab 1 019-7652262
Social Science 019-7652256
Swedish 019-7652257
Modern Language 019-7652255
Junior School office Yr 4 019-7652274
Junior School office Yr 5 019-7652275
Junior Club 019-7652277
Cafeteria Office 019-7652271
PE 019-7652258