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Autumn LAN-party, 28-30/10

The autumn LAN-party, fri 19.00 - sun 11.00, is held in the dining hall. Only students from IESÖ will be able to participate (45 seats, first come, first served). Last day for registration is Friday 21 October. For more information and registration click on the link below.

From the Principal

Autumn is here and outside my window the leaves are dropping from the trees.

More students in the corridors as the temperature drops and in every corner there are young people talking, doing homework, or reading a book. The student cafeteria is busier than ever, full of life and activity.

Staff are also very busy. It’s business as usual but also there are new tasks to contemplate as we have a new school law and a new curriculum. They are busy rewriting the syllabus and there is an endless stream of new material coming through the school doors.

Several members of staff are also taking their ICT-skills to the next level and blogging has proven to be a popular new tool for learning. One example, Mr Jaranovic is keeping his students up to date in Social Science through

Mr Carey is teaching all of us how to use ICT in the school and our daily life. He is pulling the school towards the 21st Century where pedagogy and technology are increasingly one and the same. His blog is very interesting for anybody and it puts a wider perspective on what used to be a narrow field. Read more here

All buildings have a heart. This school has many. One of them is the student cafeteria. Mr Åkerstedt tells us what happens there, in the school and in the outside world. Follow our students’ daily life here

Last but not least we are happy to have a teacher who is not only teaching within the walls of our school, she is also a wiz in the culinary world… Mrs Lundkvist will take you on a culinary trip here

Well, that’s it for this time. Enjoy the colorful Swedish autumn


New blog: Café IESÖ

Mr. Åkerstedt have started a blog with information on what's going on in the cafeteria, happenings, polls and other information.

Take a look >>

Like It Day

Like It Day

An exciting competition with a top-class prize will mark the launch of IES' new Facebook page this Friday, 26 August.

On the page facebook users can catch up on the latest news from Internationella Engelska Skolan and submit videos to be in the showcase.

For a month after the launch those who like the page will also have the chance to win a brand new MacBook Air by answering two simple questions.

Jonathan Howell, Media and Marketing Manager for IES, is hoping that as many people as possible will take part in the event.

He said: "So many people these days are Facebook users and make the website one of their first ports of call on the Internet. By launching this new IES Facebook page we can provide information about our schools and the company through a popular service that we know people love to use.

"I am looking forward to seeing the competition prize awarded and really excited to see the videos that students at our schools put together."

Until Like It Day those visiting the IES Facebook page will find a countdown clock where the competition will be. Only when the clock reaches zero will the questions be uploaded and the competition open.

The lucky winner will be drawn at random from those who correctly answer the competition questions. The only people who will not be able to enter the contest will be those who work for IES or their families.

Parents, staff and students are being encouraged to visit it and click the like button from this Friday, August 26 as part of IES Like It Day.

The page can be found at!/

From the Principal

Welcome to IES in Örebro and our new webpage

My name is Johan Rapp and I am the Principal of this school with 480 students and 45 members of staff

IES is an independent school company with schools all over Sweden. In our school we believe in high academic achievements, respect, order and tough love. We teach students from school year six through nine and we follow the Swedish curriculum. All schools in the IES family are bilingual and we teach some subjects in English with native speaking teachers. To command the English language gives the students a great advantage in further studies, travelling and work in and out of Sweden. We have a holistic view of our students and the combination of balanced academic expectations and social stability makes us a school chosen by many families.