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Music and movie night at IESÖ - Thursday 26/10 at 18:30

Music and movie night at IESÖ - Thursday 26/10 at 18:30

Photo: Dana Kolflat

We will show "Duct Tape Messiah", an award winning documentary about the late musician and singer Blaze Foley.

Blaze is a legend from Texas whose music is played by the likes of Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, John Prine, Willie Nelson and Joe Nichols.

Kevin Triplett, director and producer, will be here and talk about the film and artist Gurf Morlix will perform Foley's songs. Gurf Morlix belongs to the nobility of Americana music and is a fantastic musician, singer, songwriter and producer.

The show is free and you are welcome to bring friends.

Time: Thursday 26/10 18:30 
Location: Dining Hall, Internationella Engelska skolan, Hagmarksgatan 39

Refreshments will be available for purchase.


Johan Rapp, Principal

Focus on Ghana at IESÖ during the autumn

Focus on Ghana at IESÖ during the autumn

Helin Akgül, a former student here at the IES Örebro, and Emelie Espinoza are both in their third and final year at Karolinskaskolan, here in Örebro. Both girls are studying Science and in December this year they plan to go to Ghana for three weeks to work as volunteers in the fight against HIV and the spread of AIDS.

The purpose of the trip is to help a developing country by contributing both money and knowledge. 
Once in Africa, they will educate local communities about prevention and the dangers of HIV. Back in Sweden, they will continue this work with local schools, focusing mainly on young people.

To be able to travel and conduct their work they need funding ?" the trip is 100% self financed
Together with Mr. Rapp, the Principal at IES Örebro,  the girls have reached an agreement where by they will offer support classes for students in all subjects on Wednesdays between the hours of 15:00 and 17:00. All students are welcome.

Together with Mr. Åkerstedt they will also arrange "LAN for Ghana" Friday 26/10 to Sunday 28/10 which aims to raise money for their trip. The LAN party will begin on Friday at 19:00 and ends 11:00 on Sunday. The participants themselves decide what they can contribute, though a nominal fee of 100sek is the minimum. All profits will go to the Ghana Project. 

Helin and Emelie and the IESÖ team hope for can help support this charity venture either as a family or business. Anyone wishing to make a major contribution can contact Helin, Emelie or Mr. Åkerstedt directly. Only students from IESÖ will be able to participate in the LAN party. The deadline for registration is Wednesday 24/10.

Helin and Emelie's work has also attracted the attention of NA in conjunction with a concert they have organised which will be held at the Karolinska school. 
Read more about it here.

If you have questions, tips or advice contact Helin or Emelie and please read their blog: 073-669 82 42 072-0274743

Kontonummer: 923 472 254-5, 8452-5

Welcome back to a new school year at IES Örebro!

August is a time for new beginnings. A chance to focus on new developments, new ideas and new solutions. Last year's results were our third best ever - with a Meritvärde of 232 points. Most of our students leaving last term made it onto their first choice Gymnasium programs thanks to their own hard work and the hard work of their teachers and mentors. We wish them all the very best of luck and say thank you for four great years together!

Success is a self fulfilling prophesy. Sports teams that win expect to go on wining. This year we expect our results to be even better. We have a fantastic group of students and tremendous teachers. We are building a culture of excellence in our school -  a place where anything is possible and the only limits to your success are your own. So this year dream the impossible. Work outside your comfort zone and believe in your own ability. 

As Henry Ford once famously said: "Whether you think you can or can't – you're right". It all starts with the right attitude. 

Good luck to you all!

Matt Carey, Academic Coordinator 

From the Principal



A new academic year with new possibilities is upon us! The holidays are over and the classrooms are full of students.

Alongside Mr Rutqvist, our Assistant Principal, I have visited every class and marveled at the changes that take place in the four years our students are with us. They come to us a children and leave as young adults. 

Today, I was eating lunch with one of our new teachers when a student came over and announced: "You know Mr Rapp, I LOVE our school food!"

I thought to myself, you know what - so do I!