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Breakfast at IESÖ!

Four years ago we started serving breakfast to ten students who arrived early or travelled long distances to school every morning. Today we have around 100 students who enjoy breakfast every morning in the school cafe!! 

We think breakfast is a really important part of the day. Studies have shown that students who eat breakfast benefit from improved concentration and suffer less from headaches. 

Every morning IES students from different classes or year groups sit together and chat. It's also a great opportunity to mingle with a teacher or two! 

On dark winter mornings there's no better start to the day!

Something magical is happening

Something magical is happening - technology is giving teachers and learners new tools to explore and share ideas.

We've been at an IES group conference today, to learn more about Google Apps. Here are some of the amazing benefits for our learners:

* 24/7 access to school work and learning materials
* Special needs support - text to voice / OCR
* A platform to collaborate, present and share ideas 
* No USBs, broken hard drives and NO PRINTING!

Yes, magical things are happening!

Teachers are filming presentations then 'flipping the classroom'. Learners are working together on documents and presentations in the cafe after school or meeting up on-line to discuss, analyse and share ideas. 

The message from schools already using Google Apps is simple: learners are more engaged and it shows in their results. 

Here's a link to our preparation guide:

From the Principal

Over 800 hundred guests at open house


Last Thursday we had an open evening at our school. The response was incredible with over 800 hundred guests squeezed around classrooms, labs and presentations whilst sampling home baked cakes and buns! We are so happy with the overwhelmingly positive response to our plans to welcome students in years 4 & 5, Autumn 2013. Our staff and student ambassadors were busy all evening answering questions and showing our guests around the building. 

Soon we'll be lighting the first advent candles. Christmas is coming! Have a great week!


Open House, November 22nd, 18.00 - 20.00

Open House, November 22nd, 18.00 - 20.00

Come and meet staff and the students at Internationella Engelska Skolan in Örebro!

Starting autumn 2013 we are proud to announce that we will be accepting students in Years 4, 5 and 6.

With teachers from the USA, England, Canada, Mexico, Spain and New Zealand, IES Örebro has a truly international spirit and a bilingual profile that places equal emphasis on learning in Swedish and English. 

We pride ourselves on high academic achievement and our students consistently achieve outstanding results. 

Our classrooms are calm orderly places where learners can begin to lay the foundations for their future careers and studies. We place great emphasis on the new digital literacies (digitalt lärande). Access to Mac laptops, iPads and a wide range of apps and on-line resources ensure that students at IESÖ develop the knowledge and skills required in tomorrow's world. 

So come and meet us, November 22nd.

Information about the new classes in Years 4 & 5 will be given at 18.30 and 19.30 in the dining room. 

The world is waiting.


From the Principal

Good news: We are opening a junior school

Autumn is nearly over, the leaves are falling and I realise that people are already buying Christmas presents.
Where does the time go?

At IES Örebro we have just finished development talks and are now preparing for our open house evening, Thursday 22nd of November. 
We have recently been granted permission to start a junior school and look forward towards welcoming students in years 4, 5 & 6 next academic year. That students will have six instead of four years at IES Örebro is going to give us more opportunities to ensure all our students reach their potential. 

We look very much forward to meeting these younger children in the corridors and playground.