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More Sports Success!

More Sports Success!

Today, 6D won a thrilling indoor football contest against Almbyskolan to progress to the regional levels of the Swedish national "Fair Play Trophy".

After a late IESÖ comeback, the game ended 3:3 but our girls and boys won the penalty shoot-out! They're thrilled to have won and to be able to go further in the competition!

On Monday this week, IESÖ hosted an indoor football tournament for six other schools in Örebro Kommun. Our girls and boys performed well but were sadly defeated in another penalty shoot-out and came fourth overall. Congratulations to the winners Engelbrektsskolan who beat us in the semi-final. 

Massive congratulations to all our teams, who've shown great sportsmanship and true spirt both on and off the pitch. You've made us proud!

Girls' football team fifth in the School District

Girls' football team fifth in the School District

Today, our girls' team participated in the Schools' District Cup (Skol DM) against eleven other schools. 

We had a gripping few matches in the group rounds: we lost to Engelbrektsskolan in a particularly close game but we dominated the match against Folkaboskolan and won 2-1. Sadly, we lost the semi-final play-off against Almbyskolan to penalties. This led to a battle for fifth place against Transtensskolan where we beat them 5-1. All in all, it was a tour de force for our girls! Well done!

From the Principal

The sports break is over...

...and the eight graders are on PRAO. It makes the hallways feel a bit empty, but it is also a chance to have some more time for the other students.

On Monday, we got a new student, and when she went home, I asked her how the day was and if she had had a good first day of school at IES. She said, "It has been great, the school is so nice and the food was much better than in my last school".

I wanted to ask about the lessons or the teaching but I didn't. I realized that when you are 12 years old you have other priorities.

With best wishes for a rapidly approaching spring

Johan Rapp

IESÖ and Sandahl Partners

IESÖ and Sandahl Partners

For the last 6 months we've been working with Sandahl Partners to develop common IESÖ goals and values. It's been a rewarding experience and a chance to reflect on what we do and why we do it. 

So much happens everyday in a school, it's important to take the time to dig deeper and connect everyday events with meaningful objectives. 

It was satisfying to note that Sandahl thought we'd already come a long way. With their help we now have a clearer vision: to provide our students with a calm environment for learning and to give each one the best possible start to their lives. 

Studying at IES Örebro is about more than just getting good grades. It's about creating a culture of success. We hope our students will go on build successful lives that celebrate their individual talents and abilities.

IESÖ Winter Sports Day 2013

IESÖ Winter Sports Day 2013

Fresh snow and winter cheer - this year's Winter Sport's Day was one of our best ever! Yr 6 were at Behrn Arena , Yr 7 Kvarntorpshögen, Yr 8 Gillersklack and Yr 9 Romme. In total we had over 400 students enjoying the best of the Swedish winter weather! It's wonderful to see students who have never learnt to ski or skate having a go and enjoying themselves. Enrichment days like these are fantastic opportunity for staff and students to meet and have fun outside the classroom.

A big thank you to the organisers, our star PE teachers, Mrs Olsson & Mr Anselmius!