New Year, New Challenges

From the Principal

The spring term has just begun and it's time for our students in Year Nine to choose which programs they will study in upper secondary school. It is not an easy choice and I do not envy them. When I was young there were twelve different programs to choose from and now there are a seemingly endless number with individual choices within them. A tough mission for a fifteen year old it would seem. Well, it only shows how important education is.

At Internationella Engelska Skolan we share that opinion and we want all our students to succeed.

Success, in this context, is the opportunity to choose the right school and program, which increases your chances of success in further education and future employment.

The key to that choice is the final grade. We want all students to reach their potential, not because we want to interfere with their choice of career but that we want it to be just that, a choice.