School Blog

Happy Easter from IESÖ!

The Easter bunny has been visiting our school again today! We would like to wish everyone a happy and restful Easter break!

Master Chef Competition Winners!

IESÖ win Örebro's school master chef competition! Last night three of our year 9 students took home the prize for Örebro's best school master chefs! Huge congratulations to our winners and to our fantastic Home Economics teachers Mr. Gustafsson and Ms. Kohl!

German Exchange

Our Year 8 German students have just returned from a lovely week in Germany visiting our wonderful hosts at Halepaghen-Schule in Buxtehude! Huge thanks for the hospitality and to Ms. Müller and Mrs. Bergman for organising!

Helmet Design Winner

Örebroarn published this article over Christmas about our cycling helmet competition for year 7. There were so many wonderful designs, and we'd like to congratulate our winner, Ella Bergman! Huge thanks you to Krafft Måleri for sponsoring the competition and to Mats Linderoth for organising it. It's so important that we wear cycling helmets when cycling to school!!

Happy New Year!

IESÖ students say 2018 was their best year ever! NA has a wonderful article interviewing some of our students about their lives in 2018. Tomorrow, we welcome back all our students and we're all looking forward to another successful term at IESÖ!! 2019... bring it on!!